Aquahub in a nutshell

Eastern Africa’s lakes, rivers, wetlands and groundwater systems are highly important for supporting livelihoods and several of them are biodiversity hot-spots of global importance; however, the understanding of ecosystem key-features is rather limited, such as ecosystem integrity, -resilience, -robustness and -vulnerability. AQUAHUB aims to interlink southern and northern experts and stakeholders to compile, generate, disseminate and apply scientific knowledge towards the sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems in Eastern Africa. AQUAHUB seeks to engage scientists, practitioners and policy makers, to facilitate the development of concerted research initiatives and to develop solutions balancing the needs of conservation and development.

Improving the healthiness of Eastern African freshwater ecosystems through compilation, generation, dissemination and application of scientific knowledge.

Our team

Healthy freshwater ecosystems in Eastern Africa providing resources and services, which are enabling Eastern African people to improve their quality of life without compromising the life of future generations.

Supporting Partner

Supporting partners are institutions/agencies/NGOs facilitating AQUAHUB in terms of the provision of financial resources, and/or human resources, and/or technical support. Supporting partners have the opportunity to display theirs logo at the AQUAHUB webpage in the category “supporting partners”, including a link to theirs webpage.

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